Hello Shipmates,

Last weekend’s sail around French Island was undertaken by six skippers, and completed by five!  Like our last RFI sail, one boat did not make the full circumnavigation.  Five did, though, and had a very enjoyable time with favourable winds and good weather.  The sixth boat ran aground on a large sand island NW of Corinella and spent six hours on the sand waiting for the water to return.  A few images from the weekend are attached, and a detailed report will be included in the next newsletter.


This Sunday, a sail to Chilcott channel is planned.  Do I hear you say “Where is that?”.  It is along French Island roughly opposite Crib Point.  If the wind is favourable we will motor or sail to the northern end of the Inside channel then sail down to Chilcott channel and anchor there, probably rafted up in threes, for lunch.  An afternoon sea breeze should allow us to sail home without motor assistance.  Bring some food to share, nuts, crisps, savouries etc.  A confirmatrion email will be sent later this week once the wind forecast is better known.  For reasons of tide, it will be advisable to leave Yaringa by 10:30 am.