Hello Shipmates,

Two weekends ago a group of four yachts had a good sail-in-company experience.  Robert and Linda on “Candice”, Tony on “Sadarar”, Len and crew on “Ripples 11” and Howard on “Spindrift” assembled at the Marina at 10:00, and decided to sail south, and to determine a destination on the water, once the wind had established its strength and direction. 

Len’s crew was not able to be present until after 11 am, so the other three headed off at about 1:30.  The wind and tide were favourable, and Sadarar and Spindrift headed for Tortoise Head Cove.  Robert and Linda had an early engagement in the afternoon and turned around before we arrived at the cove.  Len and crew did sail, but were to  late to reach the cove.  While at anchor in the cove, Tony and Howard had lunch.  The tide turned, and the wind dropped, and it looked like we would have to motor home.  But as we passed Tankerton on the return sail, a light southerly built slowly to about 15 kts and got us back to the marina, via the inside channel, by about 5:30. 

Please note the unfortunate position of the two aerials an “Sadarar” in one of the images – this was not deliberate!  In the guide tree image, you will notice that the two branches the formed a “Y” shape at the top of the trunk are no longer there.  Len’s boat “Ripples 11” is a home-made aluminium yacht, 21 ft in length and weighs in at 800kg of which 400kg is ballast.  A very interesting design and build.   

This weekend it looks like Sunday is the better day to sail. I will be unavailable due to a family commitment.  For those wanting to sail on Sunday perhaps you could meet at the Marina at about 10:30 and decide on a sail plan for the day.  With a gentle southerly forecast and an incoming tide, Joe’s Island or thereabouts could be a favourable destination.

On Saturday the forecast is for strong gusty SW winds and some rain.  I will be going to Yaringa, but will have “Spindrift” on the concrete while a new companionway hatch is fitted, and some internal furniture remade.