With some great weather over the last week we have seen the fishing really heat up. While snapper remains king, whiting, squid, gummy sharks and more are making their presents felt. The snapper will continue to get better over the next couple of weeks and then squid, whiting and gummy sharks will start to dominate inshore, while offshore anglers will start to land mako and blue sharks. We are very lucky to have such great fisheries so close to a major capital city. Our future is in our hands and it’s up to us not to ruin it! If anglers want to keep access to waterways they need to not only prove responsibility but proactivity in solutions.


Matt Hunt of Matthew Hunt Fishing Services (ph 0419 760 510) reports “Snapper 2012 is in full swing, best baits we have found are pilchard, silver whiting and squid so far this year with bigger fish often taking liking to a whole gar or scad cast way out back. The fish are packed tight when feeding hard and quite often are up in the water column this is when adjusting technique and bait type and size can make the difference between a couple of bites and not being able to keep a rod in the water. The fish are wide spread and different schools in different areas are feeding at different times for different reasons. As I type fishermen I know have bagged this morning @ Black Rock 8m, Ricketts 15m,19m&21m, Mordi 10m & 17m, Edithvale 13m & 15m,Outer artafical ,Aeroplane, Mt Eliza 16m & 18m, Ansets 17m & Mornington 21m, The hard shallow reefs 6m to 12m have been producing some great numbers of quality fish as well Port Melbourne to Ricketts & Frankston to Mt Martha have been good, when fishing these area’s be mindful of Kayaks and small tininess as there lack of hight & or light can make them very hard to see. Soft plastics have started working well at times best we have found is nuculear chicken or pilchard imitation but the way they are feeding has made them a challenge to work out some days” 


For those venturing out in the Kayaks for a bit of a Yak Attack, Fishermans Beach (Mornington), Kilburn reef (Mt Martha), Sunnyside (Mt Eliza), Rickets Point and Rye have been some of the hotspots with anglers catching snapper, squid, salmon and flathead. Best results are on soft plastics.


From the ramps: Anglers fishing Sorrento- Rye are doing well on squid, whiting and gummy sharks, while the whiting and squid are in close on the shallow reefs and grass beds the gummys are in the deeper water on the channel edges. Safety beach to Mt Martha has seen good catches of flathead and a few good whiting, but the snapper and the squid have been a little inconsistent, they will only get better over the next few weeks. Mornington to Melbourne it’s all about the snapper, there are massive schools of fish and while not feeding all the time they are providing some awesome fishing. While flathead, squid, whiting and gummy sharks have been caught for most it’s all about the red fish! Beno Hallpike from Beno’s Fishing Adventures (http://www.youtube.com/user/BenosFishing/featured) fished 9 meters off sunnyside on Tuesday to catch 20 Australian salmon while casting a metal slice. Benno found the salmon by noticing garfish jumping out of the water.  


Mornington boat hire this week has seen most anglers chase snapper, and as a result they have dominated the catch. While squid, flathead, salmon, whiting and gummy sharks have been caught most anglers have not targeted them! Best results have come from the early morning and pilchards, squid and burley have produced the best results. The best snapper fishing for Mornington and Mt Martha still remains a week or two away, so hold on to your hats it only getting better!


Jonny from Yaringa Boat Hire (ph 0428 001 286) reports that Western Port Bay is fishing very well with snapper, gummy sharks, whiting and salmon all happy to take baits. For the snapper and gummy sharks Lysaghts, Eagle rock and Joes island have produced especially on an out going tide with burley, pilchards, squid and silver whiting doing the damage. For the whiting Tyabb and Quail Banks, Middle Spit and Watson Inlet have been fishing well. A good mix of burley with mussel and pippie baits has been the best combination for results. Other fish about and on the chew have been leatherjacket, barracouta, and pike.   


Till next time play it safe on the water!

Tight Lines and calm seas


Paul Pingiaro


Managing Director

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Yaringa Boat Hire, Somerville, Western Port Bay. www.westernportboathire.com.au

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Photo by Paul Pingiaro: Paul Pingiaro Snr with a lovely snapper caught from Yaringa boat hire in Western Port Bay