Weekly Fishing Report 3rd December 2012

Well summer is here so it’s time to clean your boat in preparation for the holiday season. So rather than destroy the environment we are trying to enjoy, here are a few alternatives to the tough and toxic cleaners: Instead of bleach, try borax. For scouring powders, try baking soda instead or rub the area with one-half lemon dipped in borax, then rinse. For a good general-cleaner use baking soda and vinegar, or lemon juice combined with borax paste, and on the floors of the vessel, use a cup of vinegar mixed in 2 litres of water. On the windows, one cup of vinegar and some lemon in a litre of warm water will do the job; rinse and squeegee for a clean finish. For aluminium, mix 2 Tbsp. cream of tartar + 1 litre of hot water, and for brass Worcestershire sauce is a great cleaner, as-is a paste made of equal amounts of salt, vinegar and water. Clean your copper fittings with Lemon juice and water, or paste of lemon juice, salt, and flour. Apple cider vinegar will clean your chrome, while baby oil is a brilliant polish and sealer. An effective stainless steel cleaner is vinegar, to remove spots, while Baking soda or mineral oil is an excellent polisher. Fibreglass is always prone to staining, and good old Baking sodapaste does the job. For mildew, use a paste with equal amounts of lemon juice and salt, or white vinegar and salt. If there are interior wood finishings on your boat, olive or almond oil are both effective polishes. Finally, for the carpets and/or upholstery a sprinkle of dry cornstarch, followed by a good vacuum works a treat. These are old style tricks that can really make your boat shine, without the storm water runoff poisoning the waterways and the environment. 

Now to the fishing, well this week has been a complete barrel of monkeys! With daily top temperaturesranging from 40c to 20c, it’s no wonder the fish have been up and down! Fish are susceptible to thermal shock and with this in mind it’s no wonder that they have been on and off this week. While snapper are still the talk of Port Phillip Bay, squid, whiting and some very nice flathead are also about and for those fishing from Mornington to Portsea there have also been some nice size gummy sharks. Best time to bag a brace of fish has been first and last light as well as the tide changes. For Snapper this week I would tip Mount Martha as a great starting point as for whiting any of the reefs and weedbeds from Frankston to Portsea are worth a try as for the squid this is the time where they can slow to the south of the bay and start to fire from Safety Beach to Mornington, for the squid the best jig is a 2.5 in a prawn imitation. From the beaches and piers now’s the time when it starts to happen. Whiting are a genuine target as are garfish, squid, mullet and flathead. Piers worth a look are Mornington for squid and mullet and flathead, Rye for salmon and garfish, Portsea for squid and whiting, Flinders for squid and whiting, and Stony Point for squid and whiting. For those after a bream Mount Marhta’s Balcombe creek is always a good option. If the water is high fish the mouth, if the water is low fish up the top reaches. For those wanting to cast a spinner Devil Bend is a genuine option and one that is only going to grow in popularity while the trout have been whiliey at the moment there are enough red fin to keep you interested. 

From the charter boats, snapper hasremained the main focus with by catch of flathead and gummy sharks. In the next few weeks we will start to see a few operators change tact and head offshore after sharks and striped tuna or in shore and target whiting and gummy sharks.

From Mornington Boat hire this week we had some lovely snapper to 4.5kg landed and a few huge flathead to 1.5kg, there was also a few gummy and seven gill sharks landed. Of most interest this week was the fact that we had quite a few good catches of squid, the best locations were off Mt Eliza. In Western Port the whiting are going strong as are the snapper. From Stoney Point to Eagle Rock has been best. For the snapper the top of the tide and the run out has done the trick and for the whiting the bank edges and depths of 2-6 meters has been optimal. Best baits have been pilchards, squid and silver whiting on the snapper and for the whiting pipes, nippers and mussels have done the trick!

This week in Yaringa Boat hire and Marina there have been some wonderful catches of snapper, whiting, salmon and gummy sharks. Other species to make their way into the chill bin have been trevelly, flathead, mullet, pike and rock cod. The story of the week at Yaringa harbour was that of a seven foot shark mooching about the mouth of Dicksons Inlet investigating anglers then sneaking off, and that of a seal visiting Jonny from the boat hire and “helping” him moor the hire boats. The shark and the seal are in the area as there are quite large numbers of pinkie snapper schooling in the area.

Now with crayfish season open and with some hot weather on the way why not try your luck! Care should be taken, however for those experienced enough to tackle the blue water, bar crossings and swell the ocean’s bounties await!

‘Till next week.

Tight lines and calm seas


Paul Pingiaro

Managing Director

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Photo by Paul Pingiaro: Paul Pingiaro and Luke “Captain Crayfish” Bourne with a lovely pair of souther rock lobster