Weekly Fishing Report 17th December 2012

Western Port Bay is often over looked by anglers. People are scared of what they don’t understand, with large tides, sand banks and rock bars many fear this water way! Everything that makes Western Port hazardous also makes it a fish haven. Fishing is all about structure, and Western Port is full of structure. With snapper, whiting, squid, salmon, gummy shark and elephant fish all going to be on offer this summer.  

So where do you start? 

Well in West Entrance you can expect to bag a few gummys, flathead and snapper and for those willing to push out further to the Flinders Bank flathead, arrow squid and sharks are waiting. 

The shallower areas of Flinders and Cat Bay offer whiting, squid, gummy shark and salmon. 

The waters off Balnarring, Shoreham and Somers are whiting and gummy shark hotspots that also hold squid, pike and salmon. While on the Philip Island side the deeper water holes and channels hold gummy sharks, flathead and snapper.  

The waters off Cows and Rhyll hold gummy sharks and snapper in the channels while the banks and shallows hold whiting, salmon and flathead. 

In late summer we start to see the arrival of elephant fish. Hotspots for these weird critters are the waters between Tortoise Head, Corinella and New Haven. 

Stony Point offers anglers a great departure point to some great fishing waters. Anglers fishing between Stony Point and Hastings do well on whiting, squid and salmon in the shallower water and those venturing into the channels encounter gummy sharks and snapper. 

Hastings to Warneet holds some wonderful fishing. Both the Tyabb and Quail Banks are famous for their huge squid and whiting, while the deeper waters surrounding the banks are home to gummy sharks, snapper and elephant fish. Also in this region are the hotspots of Eagle and Crawfish Rocks, these two locations are famous for their gummy and snapper fishing. Dicksons Inlet at the front of Yaringa boat harbour is a true fishing hotspot. With deep water access and separating Tyabb and Quail Banks all of Western Port’s favourite table fish can be caught here and in relatively sheltered waters. Yaringa boat harbour (03 5977 4154) is a private harbour providing dry, and wet berth storage as well as travel lift and slipping facilities. Yaringa is budget conscious and well facilitated with a full range of Marine services dually supported by a cafe and restraurant. So if you’re looking for a place to store your boat Yaringa is a ripping option.

Recently Yaringa Fishing Club member Lyda Ryal achieved second place overall in the recent Tea Tree fishing comp with a magnificent Western Port snapper of 8.9kg and with over one third of all snapper caught caught in Western Port this just re-emphasizes the quality of the bay as a major Victorian fishery and a true destination for the Peninsula and Melbourne angler!  


Till next year 

Tight Lines and calm seas

Paul Pingiaro


Managing Director

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