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Preparation is the Key

Weekly Fishing Report 4/11/2012 It's fair to say that from now on the boat ramps will be chaos. The level of madness in this situation is directly related to the users. So if you're going do to launch your boat you need to do some preparation at home. Firstly make...

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Interested in buying a boat at a rock bottom price?  Then it would be worthwhile to see what is available at the Yaringa Boat Harbour Auction. The Auction on the 17 November 2012 at Yaringa Boat Harbour, 4 Lumeah Road, Somerville consists of 12 boats.  The boats...

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Weekly Fishing Report 28th October 2012

This week many people will be venturing out on the high seas in hope of bagging a snapper in the twenty ninth annual Mornington Peninsula Tea Tree snapper fishing competition. Anglers from all over the state will converge on Port Phillip and Western Port Bays in hope...

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Weekly Fishing Report 21st October 2012

Well it's not the fish that are hard to catch at the moment, its fine weather on a day off! So when you do hit the water it becomes even more important to make the most of your time. So often I see anglers head out on the high seas with only one type of bait, this can...

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Yaringa Mariner’s Club Inc. Event Schedule 2012-2013

Diarise these important dates below in the Event Schedule for all or your favourite activities with the Yaringa Mariners Club Inc for the balance of 2012 and into 2013. For more information on Yaringa Mariners Club Inc please visit their website on

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WEEKLY FISHING REPORT 14TH OCTOBER 2012 Lets face it fishing is all about catching fish! We may say that's all about the time on the water and it doesn't matter if we bag a brace or not, but come on that's all BS! These days our time is precious, we are personally...

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URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! Yaringa Marina wet berths are almost at capacity.  If you require a wet berth for the summer you need to act immediately to avoid disappointment. Many people often make the mistake of believing that because there is no boat in a wet berth that...

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Weekly Fishing Report 7th October 2012

Yes It's spring and that means that the weather is all over the place! Yep one day it's fine 28c and the next it's blowing its guts out raining and 13c. Welcome to Melbourne! Weather forecasts should be checked regularly as they can change with little or no notice....

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Fishing Report 30th September 2012 – A few for the table

Well while a lot of emphasis is placed on catch and release fishing, it should not be lost on people that it is not illegal to take a feed of fish for the table. Bag limits are set for a reason and anglers are well within their rights to claim their bag, if they are...

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Fishing Report 17th September 2012

Well the secret is well and truly out! The Snapper are here and they are here in a big way! While the fishing has been mixed, the schools and numbers of fish are incredible. I have always found that the best Snapper seasons occur when we have a wetter than average...

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